Dean’s Speech

        It is no secret to everyone that College of Administration and Economics have become one of the most important centers that provide society with competencies and capabilities it needs to organize its administrative and financial affairs, as a successful management of human and economic resources represents  pillar of construction and axis of progress for countries.

In order to reinforce these facts, College of Administration and Economics at Al- Iraqia University provides labor market with outputs at are good that can deal with what this market needs in public and private sectors in order to strengthen the economy and advance the country’s reality and keep pace with the international and regional development that the economy leads to the progress and prosperity of countries.

Based on all foregoing, our college performs its mission and goals according to available capabilities and current circumstances it faces, the departments in the college are (Department of Business Administration, Department of Accounting, Department of Finance and Banking) in addition to activating the master’s program in its three departments above, as the college seeks to introduce a higher diploma study in all its departments to keep pace with the labor market, as well as to introduce a doctoral study in its scientific departments as a step towards the integration of the college’s joints.

We salute all our dear students and faculty members, including teachers and staff, for the efforts they have made and are making in order to raise banner of science and progress, hoping for more giving in the service of our beloved Iraq.


Prof. Dr. Hamid Ali Al-Mulla

Dean of the College of Administration  and Economics