Department of Business Administration


The Department of was established with  establishment of College of Administration and Economics at the university in the first academic year (2009-2010), it is considered one of specialized scientific departments in the college, in its reinforcement of the university’s mission through goals it seeks to achieve, similar to its counterparts in other Iraqi and Arab universities, represented in Preparing specialized graduates in business administration fields, to occupy administrative positions in various departments of the state, including productivity and service, according to the requirements of labor market, as well as developing faculty members performance efficiency in the department to increase their effectiveness in education and research and contribute to keeping pace with development movement witnessed by the world today.


Vision :

To be a Leadership at  national and regional level through excellence in teaching, scientific research, community service and academic accreditation.


Message :


Meeting the needs of different sectors of specialized cadres, conducting scientific and applied research, and providing consultations to serve the community.



Goals :


  • Qualifying graduates to work in various productive and service sectors, public and private. 
  • Providing students with basic knowledge and skills in of business administration field, in line with developing local environment field. 
  • cooperating with various community institutions through providing consultations and implementing training programs. 
  • Enriching knowledge through preparation of research and specialized studies and establishment of seminars, workshops and conferences. 
  • Providing distinguished university education in the field of administrative sciences that complies with international standards. 
  • Accreditation and quality. 
  • *There are tendencies to develop studies
  • Expansion of postgraduate studies.
  • Accommodate largest number of students.
  • Existence of an actual need based on the results of scientific research, which indicates a weakness in government performance level and the current and future needs of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in proportion to the change taking place in academic and educational curricula.
  • The proposed major aims to provide appropriate numbers of teaching cadres, this program qualifies students to obtain a higher diploma in strategic planning.

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