Finance and Banking Department

 Vision :

        Develop local financial and banking institutions to keep pace with international and global institutions

Message :

          Providing local financial and banking institutions with financial qualifications that enable them to understand and master applied classic and innovative financial tools and apply them to raise performance of financial institutions level, as well as provide scientific, research and investment services that these institutions need in a way that contributes to the service of economic development, by combining local efforts, and at all scientific levels .

Objectives :

1- Qualifying and preparing scientific cadres working in the state financial institutions.

2- Enriching knowledge by preparing specialized research and studies and holding seminars, seminars, and conferences. For the purpose of spreading the financial and banking culture

3-Providing financial cadres with basic knowledge and skills in the field of preparing financial plans, in line with the needs of developing the local environment.

4-Cooperation in order to find solutions to the problems that financial institutions suffers .

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